Our definition of "turn-key" system includes everything you need for IVR. Your organization does not need to supply any part of the software whatsoever. Our IVR is a highly engineered product. It is stress tested to perform properly under high load conditions for very long periods of time.

When it comes to installation, the process is handled via a one-step process. The installation includes the operating system, database subsystem, telecommunications subsystem, and IVR application(s). It is performed from bare-metal. This means the computer server does not need to have any software on it whatsoever. In fact, if there is software on the server, it will be completely overlaid (i.e. erased). The process is completely automated, start it, get a cup of coffee or lunch, and return to a ready to exercise IVR system.

Your DAC Systems OEM IVR can also be installed in a virtual machine environment (e.g. VMware VSphere)and can include the hardware server. DAC Systems is a Hewlett Packard OEM partner. The HP DL320e Gen 8 v2 is an especially cost efficient server for this purpose. It handles up to 250 concurrent calls. The DL360p Gen 8 is the recommended server due to its fault tolerant design.

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