This phase actually has several main topic areas each with a very different focus.

One area is the product itself. What should the IVR application do and how should it do it. How should exceptions be handled? What's the best way to integrate the IVR with your software system? What size systems are needed? What level of fault tolerance is needed?

Another area is how the system will be provided to your end-customers. Will it be on server that you or they provide, will it be running on a virtual machine, do you want DAC Systems to supply the hardware, perhaps even as a wall mounted solid state unit?

From a business perspective, we recommend a strategy where we are woven into your product development process. This way you can leverage IVR to its maximum and via our intimate understanding of your industry, market, and products educate your staff on what IVR can do in a way that is highly specific to your organization.

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