We believe the optimal OEM IVR solution is delivered as a complete system. In the early days, the system included a computer server and circuit boards that connected to either the public telephone network or a PBX. Today, our systems are delivered as pure software. A DAC Systems OEM solution no longer requires the inclusion of hardware unless you find it desirable.

Our solution includes expertise. DAC Systems has found effective OEM goes well beyond the product itself. When expertise is blended in, the relationship blossoms and grows. Organizations that treat OEM as a vestigial product / service are happy when they "ink the deal". After that, the sales team moves onto the next customer and momentum is lost. For us, OEM is our mainstay. When an organization decides to form an OEM relationship with us, it's the beginning of a process that builds momentum.

DAC Systems places significant emphasis on nurturing the relationship from the start and many years into the future. We have been doing this for so long, it's part of our nature.

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