When it comes to applications, we've seen them all. It's what you'd expect from an organization that has been making IVR for a quarter of a century. Therefore, it is safe to say if your needs can be handled by IVR, it can be provided by DAC Systems. If your needs cannot be met, we will inform you of this up-front and provide the background information to make it understandable.

IVR can be used to complement other forms of communication. Let's say you're looking for an outbound message delivery system. IVR can form one of the methods of communication. The other methods could be e-mail, text messaging, fax, and smoke signals (you know, the kind used before we were all born).

In the example scenario above, our strategy would be to provide the IVR as a peripheral to your product. In the same way as you would send data to an email server to transmit email, send data to a text messaging server to send SMS messages, and so forth, you treat the IVR in the same way. You do not need to be concerned with how the telecommunications part is handled. We abstract you from those details.

By the way, we have a standard application for outbound voice message delivery. It is the only IVR that is used by an entire US State. It was instrumental in broadcasting emergency notification messages during recent events such as in Boston Massachusetts.

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