This is where the "rubber meets the road" and you'll like what our tires do for your sports car. First off, DAC Systems platform is standardized. The same core elements are always used and form a solid foundation. These core elements are our Linux, VoIP, SQL, and data driven IVR engine.

In some cases a virtually standard DAC Systems IVR product can be used due to the highly configurable nature of this data driven design. An application category for this almost standard design is outbound voice message delivery. It can be used for many purposes such as emergency notification, patient reminders, dealer service reminders, pick up notification (such as for pharmacy), and many more.

Now add some customization to the mix. This ranges from the call dialog, to data integration, through branding and documentation. Yes, your corporate colors and documentation that reflects your organization.

Customization can include integration with external hardware. For example, if the IVR needs to turn electrical devices on or off, a reed-relay board can be used to do this.

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