We believe a "total solution" must include expertise. This is especially true since IVR is not a mainstream area. If you were to look for expertise in the area of Microsoft Windows, Oracle Java, or SAP, you'd find plenty of talent. Telecommunications on the other hand is nowhere near as popular. IVR, which is a subset of telecommunications, is even rarer.

The fact that IVR is a niche industry places even greater emphasis on the need for expertise in the overall solution. Over the months and years, your staff will ramp up their capability in the area of IVR. They will use documentation provided by DAC Systems for the majority of the ramp up. In certain situations, an end-customers environment may necessitate one-on-one coordination with an expert. That's us. We think of ourselves as an extension of your organization. Whether its sales, marketing, installation, support, or ongoing planning, we behave as if we are a member of your organization.

This "extension of your team" approach has been proven to work well time and time again. You don't have to ask for it. In fact, we strive to anticipate in advance "what needs to be done", and handle things accordingly. All the organizations we have served over the years have found this to be distinctively different. For us, it's the only way to operate, and it makes the organizations we work with pleased with the results.

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