Focused OEM Specialization

If you're looking for IVR on an OEM basis, you've come to the right place!

There are many organizations that design, manufacture, and market IVR products. They design and integrate their IVR product into each end-customers organization. Most often it's for use in a contact center or to provide automated information to an organizations customers. If this describes you, stop reading now. DAC Systems specializes in OEM and does not serve new end-customers.

DAC Systems was founded in 1988 to design, manufacture, and market IVR systems for commercial and government organizations. The systems were custom made for end-customers and were also made on an OEM basis for organizations that resold the systems to their end customers.

Ten years ago, DAC Systems transitioned to provide solutions purely on an OEM basis.

The transition was appropriate due to PBX manufacturers adding IVR to their product line. End-customers generally prefer to consolidate vendors and it was no longer necessary to purchase IVR from a separate vendor.

DAC Systems continues to provide support to end-customers who have an annual maintenance plan.

Organizations needing IVR on an OEM basis rely on us to provide the knowledge, expertise, and solutions unique to OEM. We have been providing solutions this way for 25 years. If you're looking for OEM, read on!

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